Autumn 2006 – Funky Flowerz

Earlier in the year Scotia Seeds were approached by young entrepreneurs from Aberdeen; Class P4Z from WalkerRoadPrimary School, who formed a business to sell Scottish wildflower seeds.

The group; soon named ‘Funky Flowerz’, selected 6 of our wildflower species to sell in two seed mixtures: ‘Butterfly’s Best Friend’ mix and ‘Blantyre Rainbow’ mix. They designed seed packets with colourful labels and used their language skills to discover French names for the species, which they included on the packets.


In June they visited Scotia Seeds here at Mavisbank to see how their seed was grown and processed and saw some of their species flowering in the fields.


They found out how many different plants species you could find in a meadow and how many native trees you can grow to make a hedge, as well as inspecting this years ‘crop’ of tadpoles in our pond.


In our laboratory they saw how beautiful the seeds themselves looked close-up and how different machines and tools were used for harvesting and cleaning the seeds that they were selling.




On their return to their base at WalkerRoadPrimary School, the group got busy packing hundred of packets with the seeds that we gave them.


Funky Flowerz has so far sold over 700 packets of seed as well as selling plants in pots. In total £1013 has been raised which will be used to support HHI Primary School in Blantyre, Malawi and other projects in the area, including a nursery project which will give employment to local people, provide care, education and one meal a day to pre-school children – click here to find out more about the Trust behind this project. 


Click here to find out more about Funky Flowerz and Walker Primary School.





Many thanks to Veronica Baillie of the Royal Highland Education Trust for her assistance with the Funky Flowerz visit to Mavisbank.