New Project & Research post at Scotia Seeds!

We are delighted to announce the start of a 4 million euro project of which Scotia Seeds are the lead industrial partner.

NASSTEC – the NAtive Seed Science, TEchnology and Conservation training network will train the next generation of experts in native seeds. Having an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the seeds of our native plants will help to ensure that our wildflowers are safeguarded and our native plants can be returned to places where they have been damaged or lost.

We share the view that our native plants are the key to preserving our bumblebees, birds and butterflies as well as being valuable in their own right and here at Scotia Seeds we have pioneered work on native seeds. We are therefore delighted that we will be working with partners in the UK such as Royal Botanic Garden Kew, the James Hutton Institute & the National Trust for Scotland and in wider Europe including MUSE (the museum of science, Trento), the University of Pavia, Syngenta Seeds and Semillas Silvestres of Cordoba.

NASSTEC will effectively create a multidisciplinary European doctoral ‘school’ with the aim of integrating knowledge in plant ecology, genetics, molecular biology, taxonomy, ecology, conservation, seed biology, environmental science, agricultural botany, crop science, breeding and horticulture with this knowledge formed by and feeding directly into native seed production and use.

The first step of NASSTEC is to recruit exceptional scholars to join its programme – we have a post for one here at Scotia Seeds: Marie Curie Research Fellow ‘Improving seed quality in large-scale production of native seeds’

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