Scythe Blade – ditch (55cm)



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A robust scythe blade for rough grass and tough weeds.

These hand forged steel blades are sharpened to an extremely fine edge to make scything as easy as possible.

Here at Scotia Seeds we use ditch blades the most as we often scythe in and around our crops, in the woodlands and around ponds where a short blade strong blade allows us to keep aggressive weeds like Rosebay Willowherb, Brambles and light scrub at bay. Our scythes with their ditch blades have replaced our strimmer.

Caring for your blade: always wipe your blade clean and dry it. After drying you can lightly oil the blade. This will prevent corrosion. You should also frequently sharpen your blade during use. Minor nicks in the blade can be repaired by gently filing. More serious damage can be addressed by peening the blade; which requires some skill but which can be very rewarding.

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Weight 10000 g

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