About Us

Established in 1995, we are the leading producers of wildflower seeds in Scotland and are committed to providing the range and quality of seeds you require. If you can’t find the seeds you want of wild Scottish plants, please call us and we’ll do our best to help. We have a web shop and are very pleased to accept orders by phone.

homestead We have 40 acres of wildflower crops on Mavisbank, our farm in Angus. Our crops are grown from small collections made in the wild around Scotland and each can be traced back to its original site.  It is worth mentioning that we do not have a  farm shop at Mavisbank and as it is a busy working farm, Mavisbank it is not open to casual visitors.

Since we began farming Mavisbank, we have dramatically improved its environment. Because of the crops that we grow, invertebrates, including bumblebees and butterflies have a choice of over 100 native flowering species to feed from. Consequently our fields are literally buzzing in summer and visitors to our site have on occasion had difficulty hearing us as the skylarks that are found throughout the site are too noisy!

PLotsatMavisbank02As well as our growing sympathetic crops we have carried out huge environmental improvements. Instead of a single field, we have planted hedges to provide food and a useful corridor running throughout the site, providing cover for birds, mammals, invertebrates and amphibians. We have also planted a woodland of native trees and have created two ponds. The pond is now the nursery, home and hunting ground for Common Toads and Frogs and Palmate newts. There are hundreds of insect species in the pond, the most spectacular being the fearsome Darters that buzz past our heads and enjoy sun-bathing on our hands.

By purchasing seed from us you also support a wonderful oasis for other species from Swallows and Grey Partridge to Brown Hares and Field Voles.

We produce the highest quality seeds to allow you to make new habitats to attract wildlife, to create meadows or simply to add attractive new plants to your garden border. With a background in seed technology, Scotia Seeds also continues to improve the quality of seed we produce to ensure the greatest chance of success for your project. Wildflowers continue to grow in popularity and every season we expand the range of species and mixtures that we can offer.

We are signatories to the Flora Locale Code of Practice for Growers and suppliers of Native Flora.

Scotia Seeds is a Limited Company (Company no: 311716)

VAT reg. no.: 894 8082 72