Green Roof Mix


Low-growing, drought & exposure tolerant species for range of green roofs with 100mm+ substrate.

  2.5g / m2
OR 8kg / acre
OR 20kg / hectare
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These are low-growing species, tolerant of dry conditions for a wide range of green roofs with 100mm+ of substrate. As it is made up of a wide range of native (& wild origin) flowering species and grasses this will ensure that your roof provides maximum diversity. There are 19 wildflower & 3 grass species in this mix.

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Species Common name %


% wildflowers  
Armeria maritima Thrift 8
Fragaria vesca Wild Strawberry 3
Galium verum Lady’s Bedstraw 5
Geranium robertianum Herb Robert 3
Helianthemum nummularium Rock Rose 7
Linaria vulgaris Toadflax 1
Lotus corniculatus Birdsfoot Trefoil 4
Oreganum vulgare Wild Marjoram 1
Pilosella officinarum Mouse ear hawkweed 1
Primula scotica Scottish Primrose 0.5
Primula veris Cowslip 7
Prunella vulgaris Selfheal 9
Rumex acetosella Sheeps Sorrel 9
Sedum acre Biting Stonecrop 3
Silene uniflora Sea Campion 9
Silene vulgaris Bladder Campion 6
Thymus polytrichus Thyme 5.5
Veronica officinalis Common Speedwell 4
Viola riviniana Common Violet 4


% grasses
Anthoxanthum odoratum Sweet Vernal Grass 3
Deschampsia flexuosa Wavy Hair Grass 3
Festuca rubra Red Fescue 4

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