Scottish Primrose


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Scottish Primrose (Primula scotica)

Found only in Scotland, this tiny, rare plant is limited to cliff tops & exposed places in Orkney, Caithness & Sutherland. It is a delicate perennial with intense purple, yellow-centred flowers on a slender stem up to 10cm tall, above a rosette of leaves. It flowers twice a year, around May & again around July.

Used as it is to rather extreme environments where few other wildflowers thrive, Scottish Primrose does not compete well and so should be regularly weeded. They do well in rockeries and if grown in a container.

Sowing: Sow on the surface of trays of fine seed compost & keep damp. To germinate these seeds benefit from a period of cold; sow in autumn & leave outside in a sheltered place over winter, or put tray in the fridge for 6 weeks then somewhere warm until seedlings appear. Plants can be transplanted to pots, rock gardens or alpine beds. Keep young plants watered & weeded.

10 cm

50-150 seeds per packet.

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