Dry Meadow Mix


xFor sandy & calcareous sites, steep banks or areas with thin soil, which are dry in summer.

  3g / m2
OR 12kg / acre
OR 30kg / hectare
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Dry Meadow Mix (SCM5)

Sandy & calcareous sites support a colourful range of plants which is reflected in this mix.  Steep banks or areas with thin soil, which are dry in summer, can also be sown with this mix. There are 24 wildflower & 5 grass species in this mix. Mix PDF

20 % wildflowers
Agrimonia eupatoria Agrimony
Anthyllis vulneraria Kidney Vetch
Campanula glomerata Clustered  Bellflower
Centaurea scabiosa Greater Knapweed
Daucus carota Wild Carrot
Dianthus deltoides Maiden Pink
Echium vulgare Vipers Bugloss
Galium verum Lady’s Bedstraw
Geranium sanguineum Bloody Cranesbill
Helianthemum nummularium Rock Rose
Hypericum perforatum St John’s Wort
Leontodon hispidus Rough Hawkbit
Linaria vulgaris Toadflax
Lotus corniculatus Birdsfoot Trefoil
Primula veris Cowslip
Prunella vulgaris Selfheal
Rhinanthus minor Yellow Rattle
Rumex acetosella Sheep’s Sorrel
Silene latifolia White Campion
Silene vulgaris Bladder Campion
Thymus polytrichus Wild Thyme
Trifolium campestre Hop Trefoil
Vicia sativa Common Vetch
Viola riviniana Common Violet
80 % grasses
Agrostis capillaris Common Bent
Cynosurus cristatus Crested Dog’s Tail
Festuca ovina Sheep’s Fescue
Festuca rubra ssp commutata Chewings Fescue
Phleum bertolinii Smaller Cat’s Tail

(c) = from cultivated stock (not from wild collection)

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