Urban Pollinator Mix


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This mix was trialled successfully in Edinburgh over several years and allows you to create a permanent community of attractive pollen and nectar producing plants to provide the best food for pollinators throughout the season. There are 24 wildflower & 6 grass species in this mix and the mix includes annuals, biennials and perennials.

Species Common name %
20 % wildflowers
Achillea millefolium Yarrow 1
Centaurea cyanus Cornflower 1
Centaurea nigra Common Knapweed 1.3
Daucus carota Wild Carrot 0.5
Digitalis purpurea Foxglove 1
Echium vulgare Vipers Bugloss 1.4
Glebionis segetum Corn Marigold 1
Hyacinthoides non-scripta Bluebell/Wild Hyacinth 1
Hypochaeris radicata Cat’s Ear 0.1
Knautia arvensis Field Scabious 0.5
Lamium album White Deadnettle 0.5
Leontodon hispidus Rough Hawkbit 0.5
Leucanthemum vulgare Ox eye Daisy 1
Papaver rhoeas Corn Poppy 1
Primula veris Cowslip 0.1
Primula vulgaris Primrose 0.2
Prunella vulgaris Selfheal 1.5
Ranunculus acris Meadow Buttercup 1.3
Rhinanthus minor Yellow Rattle 2
Stachys sylvatica Hedge Woundwort 0.5
Succisa pratensis Devils-bit Scabious 0.5
Tripleurospermum inodorum Mayweed 1
Vicia cracca Tufted Vetch 1
Viola riviniana Violet 0.1
80% grasses
Alopecurus pratensis Meadow Foxtail 2
Anthoxanthum odoratum Sweet Vernal Grass 4
Agrostis capillaris Common Bent 8
Cynosurus cristatus Crested Dogs Tail 14
Poa pratensis Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass 17
Festuca rubra commutata Chewings Fescue 35


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